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Something about fear and cowardice.
<<$gold>> gold peices. You have a torch. You have a <<$weapon>>.
This is Not a Dungeon Crawl
You definately came here to (some code for the previous choice). The door is not closed all the way. with your heart beeting in your chest you decide to proceed.\n\n[[Enter quietly.|main hall]]\n[[Enter hastily.|main hall][$care to false]]
You carefully step past the stone in the floor and contine down the corridor. After about thirty paces a you reach a door.\n\nYou pause for a moment to consider why you are here.\n\n[[Treasure?|thinking]]\n[[Adventure?|thinking]]\n[[Revenge?|thinking]] \n\n
<<if $care = false>>\nYou enter the main hall very quickly startling a small goblin.\n\n<<display Goblin>>\n<<else>>\nYou slowly and quietly enter the main hall. A goblin observes your slow and cautious entrance and moves at you with its jagged metal shank.\n\n<<display Goblin>>\n<<endif>>\s\n[[Run Away]]
<<set $gold = 0>>\n<<set $weapon to "no weapon">>\n<<set $armor to "no armor">>\n<<set $care to 1>>\n<<set $HP to 10>>\n<<set $goblin to 3>>\nThe door is open.\n\n[[Enter the dungeon.|enter]]
You press your foot down on the stone and imediately feel a sharp pain in your side as a dart is ejected from a tiny hole in the wall next to you. \n\nYou die.
They told you it wasn't safe. They told you not to go alone. You didn't listen.\n\nThe glow of your torch illuminates a section of corridor. The air is dank and cool. Ahead, you notice that a stone in the floor is slightly elevated.\n\n[[Avoid the stone.|avoid]]\n[[Step on the stone.|step]]
Brian Peter Gillespie
The <<print either("putrid", "ugly", "dumb", "witless", "foul")>> <<print either("creature", "animal", "humanoid", "scum")>> looks at you with <<print either("ruthless", "fearful", "enraged")>> eyes.\n\n[[Defend]].\n[[Attack]].
You raise your <<$weapon>> between your chest and the advancing creature. It lunges, seeking to end you.\n\n<<display Goblin>>
You leap at the creature with your <<$weapon>>. It comes down heavy onto the creature's skull.<<set $dead to either( 1, 1, 1, 2)>>\n<<display previous()>>
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